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The Exersides Refraint is the ONLY all-in-one device that meets CMS standards for least restraint necessary.  This means that staff can titrate restraint and sedation as often as necessary to reach optimal outcomes and reduce restraint-related complications. The Refraint comes with free Remote Mobility Coach training support including onsite shadowing and on-demand remote sessions as requested.

DelTrain™ VR is a virtual reality staff training platform that delivers convenient, enjoyable, and memorable staff education. Our Delirium Module will assure institutional excellence to allow reduction, prevention, and treatment of delirium to reduce expensive complications. DelTrain™ VR comes as a stand-alone product with an annual subscription or as part of the Exersides Refraint Influencer package.

With Healthy Design products, you can unlock risk reduction behavior, reduce costs, and improve your institution’s status, as you improve quality and safety, while offering more humane patient care. Your staff will also benefit when they have more impact which improves morale and increases staff retention.

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